A game that sparks conversation
and ignites inclusion.

SPARK! is a game that helps communities unleash their potential to work together and build trust. It holds space for people to share stories on a variety of fun and meaningful topics.

Ignite transformation at home

SPARK! is for:

Work Teams

Work teams use SPARK! to increase cohesion and trust.

  • Build relationships
  • Strengthen team dynamics
  • Enhance team alignment

Community Groups

Community groups use SPARK! to
deepen their work.

  • Deepen member engagement
  • Retain quality employees
  • Improve morale

Social Gatherings

SPARK! is used at parties and social gatherings to build community.

  • Get to know each other better
  • Share stories that build friendships
  • Make gatherings more interesting

"What I appreciated most about the experience playing SPARK was the opportunity to engage in deep conversation that often does not occur organically, but is immensely important."

—Rachel Wyley, Executive Director at Playworks


"I played SPARK with a group of folks whom I had just met, and by the end of the game we were laughing together like old friends."

—Caroline Damon, Program Officer at Chamberlin Family Foundation

Ignite transformation at home

Curiosity SPARKED?

Join the SPARK! community to download your free sample deck.


“Learning about SPARK was an eye-opener. I didn't even realize how much we crave meaningful conversations. Buried in our busy schedules, we forget to connect with those who we truly care for and love. So, grab SPARK and start making true relationships with people you care about.”

—Gosia Potoczna, Personal Brand Strategist & Confidence Coach

Curiosity SPARKED?

Join the SPARK! community to download your free sample deck.

Why us? Why now?

S.P.A.R.K. is here to deeply and meaningfully connect communities, one conversation at a time.  

The game encourages listening with curiosity; which in turn, allows us to better empathize with others.

SPARK provides a unique structure for us to unite around our struggles and triumphs, and we need more unity right now.

If our product and approach resonates with you....

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