Poem: The Winds of Change Are Here









The Winds Of Change, A Poem By Rachel Rosen

The winds of change are here
Making their presence known

From blazing fires, to smokey gusts
Their force is felt
Their message is crystal clear

They joined together with my intuition
And they said: it’s time

It’s time

To embrace your power
To stop running
To bring your spark home
To rebuild
To start anew
To take what you’ve learned
To impact the world in new ways
With love
For love
For all

It’s time

To step fully into your disomfort zone
To lay the foundation for a new life with your love
To open new doors and windows
To love out loud
To leave fear at the curb
To let the questions sit with your stillness
To embrace the unknown edges of the cliff

It’s time

To leap
With faith
For love

You were made for this moment
You were born to listen to us
You are meant to move mountains
You are ready let the wind join your journey

You are ready
You are here
You are us

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