“After playing S.P.A.R.K., I  WANT to learn more about the people I work with. I learned more about them during the game, and I strive to learn more about them after the game, which builds trust and strengthens bonds beyond the moment, which is huge.”   -SPARK Player

Tara Testimonial

“Honestly, I was nervous about playing S.P.A.R.K., but I’m grateful I played the game. It was eye opening to realize how much I shared in common with folks and learning about the ways we differed in experience beyond my initial superficial read.” -Leniece Flowers Brissett



“I loved the mix of playful, thoughtful, and serious cards! Sparked some fun as well as meaningful conversations” – S.P.A.R.K. Player



Vlada Testimonial 


“The timer hit the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of how much time it allows for a person to speak. It allowed for just the right amount time to convey enough information to make their ‘share’ cohesive and intriguing. Any less time I think would not have allowed for a good sense of the person’s personality or pertinent details. Any more time, I think would create the feeling of sitting down for a series of ‘monologues’, and the game would become less dynamic.” -S.P.A.R.K. Player 



“I attended a SPARK event loved the game and felt connected right away. Wanted to stay connected with my group, so I’m glad the Facebook group supports connection” -SPARK Player


Jasmine Testimonial 




Michael Testimonial




Janae Testimonial 




Meganne Testimonial

Meganne Testimonial




SPARK! For Humanity Launch Party

SPARK! Launch Party Highlights







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